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Alexandra M.

My son looks forward to coming every week smile emoticon blessed to have such wonderful therapists working with my child.

Steven S.

Best therapy my son ever received. Those horses were such a factor in his recovery along with the great therapists he had! Thank you!!

Amy O.

Dream Riders has been a life changing experience for our family but most importantly for  our daughter, Anna.  In the Spring 2018, our daughter was diagnosed with Anxiety & Depression. Out of respect to Anna, I will not share the details of her journey. However, what I can share is we lost our smiley, giggly, loved life little girl who began to not want to socialize, stopped laughing, she wanted to isolate and hide, we rarely saw that smile, she refused to attend school, it became scary and dark. However, through her darkness she found her sun, Dream Riders.

Before, we understood everything, a co-worker suggested Dream Riders. I called the office staff and we were able to begin lessons in late Spring of 2018.  That first lesson was the first day  in a long time that I saw my “old Anna”.  The smiley one, the confident one.  

Her weekly horse lesson is her one thing she tries to make each week. She loves her horses. She loves getting to know them and all of their personalities. She has learned that some are like her, full of anxiety. She can help them, the one ton animal, through their anxiety as they help her work through hers. It has brought her joy.  

The staff is phenomenal.  No matter if it is a good or bad day,  the understanding they have for Anna and her needs have never changed.  They meet her where she needs to meet them on that day.  They never show anything but love, compassion, and respect.  They have allowed Anna to build her trust with them and grow.  They have allowed her to have a safe place that is just hers. As Anna’s Mom, I can never thank this staff enough.  They have allowed our daughter to feel important and cared about.  She has built bonds with the staff and horses that are irreplaceable.

Heather W.

This place is magical! The therapists and horses are brilliant. Our son loves going every week and has really bonded with the horse he rides . (Dakota) He also trusts his therapist (Lexi) to the moon and back! Thank you for all you do…

Meerah L.

I can’t rave enough about the center and ppl who work here! I wish we had started sooner! It’s apparent that everyone genuinely cares about the horses and the children. I’m so thankful!

Jeffery M.

It’s not always easy to find love, caring and great things in this works.This is a great place to find all three. I’m so impressed with the people and their generosity.

Scott M.

Been going here for about 15 years with my son who is autistic. The staff is always wonderful and is very well run. This is a great place for your special needs family to go.

Dana I.

My son has been going here since he was 2 months old, he was diagnosed with a major stroke in utero damaging 40% of his brain with seizures. He’s now 3 yrs old and the Dr’s can’t find anything wrong with him. Neurologist attributes the horse therapy to his brain rewiring! I love the staff, horses, and therapists! Zech looks forward to riding every week, so blessed to have found them!

Lucian S.

My son suffered a TBI/stroke in May 2014 and also suffers from epilepsy. He is 2 and not yet waking. Since we started here I can say we’ve already seen an improvement in his standing. He loves the horses and everyone here. This place is amazing and I can’t wait to see how Domenic improves. This is his 3rd week here.

Heather N.

An amazing staff. They feel like family and truly do build a special bond with the kids they work with. I love this place and the people and cannot say enough about the comfort, education they give not only the kids but the parents, cleanliness, and attention to every little detail. Not only do they put their heart and souls into the humans but they make sure their horses are as safe and healthy as possible.