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As advised by her medical team, we set up physical and occupational therapies for her through Early Intervention. We did therapy with her in our home 2 times a week for approximately a year. Although she did make some progress we felt she was no longer keeping up with age appropriate milestones.

As a mother it is hard to balance accepting your child's special needs and the thought; am I doing enough to help? As I was discussing this with someone they brought up Dream Riders and really encouraged I look into it. I did just that and felt anxious initially about my one year old riding a horse. I started looking into equine therapy and asking her therapists and doctors opinions. I put my reservations aside and set up the evaluation. That was THE BEST decision I have ever made for my daughter. That day changed everything for us. I instantly felt this warm and inviting vibe from all the staff. It was cheerful and friendly there. It took less than an hour to know we had to do this for our daughter. It has been such an amazing experience at Dream Riders.

We are so grateful for every single staff member and for what they all do! Giavanna, has made monumental progress in the 6 months she has been receiving physical therapy with Lexi. Some days I literally cannot believe what a difference we see. Her mobility and range of motion has advanced so greatly. She even took her first steps in the therapy building. It affects her everyday life so much, because before starting here, her hypertonia impeded her from playing like a normal one year old does. Believe me when I say those days are over and she is getting into anything and everything within her reach at home.

I cannot stress enough to anyone who will listen what a difference her time at Dream Riders has made. Not to mention to the beautiful bond she has developed with Teddy, the horse she rides each week. It is so heartwarming. We love the entire staff there. What a group of outstanding individuals! They all hold a special place in our hearts. The gift they have given us is invaluable and we are eternally grateful! When I look at how happy she is walking (WALKING!) into therapy I laugh at ever being nervous.


Jillian & Michael Plaminek