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Anytime we tried to have him stand, he would buckle his legs and not put any weight on them. We got involved with Dream Riders when someone had mentioned hippotherapy to me, at the time I had no clue what it was. I researched on it and called to set up an evaluation right away and started Domenic 3x a week doing PT, OT, and speech. Since we stepped foot in the door everyone has been nothing but amazing and caring about the children and adults they work with. Domenic now not only weight bears on his legs but has started walking! There is no doubt in my mind it is from the therapy he has been receiving at Dream Riders. There are a lot of other families we come across at our other therapies and we always tell them about Dream Riders. As a parent when you have a child with a disability you would do anything to help them, anything to help them progress and coming to Dream Riders has been the best decision we've made for Domenic.

Lucianna S.